A Leading Distributor of Bounty Chocolates in the Middle East

Bounty Chocolates Importer & Distributor Dubai

Bounty: product specifications

Country of Origin


The Netherlands

Shelf Life


12 months

Sizes Available


57 gm

Ships To


Middle East, Africa, and Asia

Shipping Info


40 ft Container - 1200 Cases

With tender and moist coconut in the centre, Bounty is a treat for your sweet tooth. You don’t really need an occasion to indulge in a Bounty. Covered in a thick milk chocolate coating, a Bounty chocolate bar contains 36% milk chocolate and 22% coconut.

A taste that’s rich and delicious, Bounty chocolates is sure to leave you asking for more. Regarded as a perfect answer to your sweet cravings, a Bounty can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. And what’s more, you can share the happiness with your friends and family too.

This blend of coconut and chocolate is brought to your doorstep by Treasure IslandsTM, a top wholesale trader of Bounty chocolates for the Middle East, Africa, and Asia region. With a wide network of connections and backed up by a solid logistics network, Treasure IslandsTM ensures you get the freshest chocolate delivered.

A reputed and well-established company, Treasure IslandsTM Food & Beverages LLC has clients across the globe. It has managed to do so by providing the best products at competitive prices and is regarded as a leading importer and distributor of Bounty chocolates in Dubai.

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