For Manufacturers

Over the years, Treasure IslandsTM has been providing professional service to manufacturers the world over and have acquired the reputation of being one of the largest re-exporters in the Middle East, thus, gaining the trust of several world-famous brands.

Authorisation: With extensive experience in branded FMCG trade, the company is authorised to deal in a range of branded products from the world over. In doing so, precautions are taken to ensure that 'existing markets' and local sales of brand distributors are not disturbed.

Channels of Distribution: The main purpose of the company is to provide authorised distributors of branded products a channel through which they can promote their sales and expand their reach to different corners of the world. There are several remote regions which distributors cannot access due to geographical hindrances - and that is where Treasure IslandsTM comes in! This gap is filled by distributing products to these remote areas, thereby opening up new markets and assisting brand principals in increasing sales turnover.

Testing New Markets: Over the years, Treasure IslandsTM has developed a vast network of clients in various remote parts of the world. In order to facilitate assessment of marketing potential, the company allows manufacturers to test their products in these markets, thereby creating opportunities for them to open up new avenues for business.

Market Research: One of the most important functions of Treasure IslandsTM is market research - collecting customer feedback in terms of product sales, conducting taste preferences tests, assessing pricing feasibility, etc. This research helps manufacturers in improving their products and services.

Development of New Products: Based on the market research data provided by Treasure IslandsTM, manufactures are able to create new products which are tailored to suit the needs of clients in different parts of the world.