A Leading Wholesale Distributor of Monster Energy Drinks in Dubai

Monster Energy Drink Trader & Distributor Dubai

Monster: product specifications

Country of Origin



Shelf Life


24 Months

Sizes Available


500 ml

Ships To


Middle East, Asia, and Africa

Ships In


40 ft Container - 1728 Cases

A crisp and refreshing drink that is great for any occasion.

Packed with a powerful punch that eases into smoothness, backed with a tingling flavour, Monster energy drink gives you that boost in energy. Musicians, metal heads, professionals, athletes all love it and you probably would too. It helps fight fatigue, improves mental performance and focus and motivates you to work harder.

Treasure IslandsTM Food & Beverages LLC is a leading wholesale importer and distributor of Monster energy drinks in the Middle East. Specializing in procurement of a wide range of well-known brands, they are able to provide the most competitive prices along with the freshest of stocks.

Treasure IslandsTM caters to not only the international markets but to local markets as well. They also provide additional services like warehousing, logistics, customs clearances etc. So, if you wish to give your energy levels a boost, you know where and whom to contact - Treasure IslandsTM, the largest Monster energy drinks supplier in the Middle East.

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